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Kalin Enterprise supplies raw materials for prestigious, centuries-old Japanese cosmetics companies including Nisshin Oillio, Ajinomoto, ADEKA, and Ichimaru Pharcos. Kalin's high quality products are guaranteed to win your trust.

Industrial Products

Kalin supplies various kinds and concentrations of silver ion products that are used in different industries such as food processing, fabric, bathroom deodorization, etc.

Food Ingredients

Kalin mainly provides high-security deodorant and antiseptics extracted from Diospyros kaki Thunberg (Ebenaceae). With the deodorant, fetid breath may be effectively restrained. It is also well applicable to the deodorization for sulfur compounds.

Kalin Cleansing

As a leading brand for food safety, equipment cleaning, and environmental health, Kalin provides cleaning product and solution for commercial business and the food hygiene industry.

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We adhere to the operating principles of “Sincerity, Justness, Trustiness, and Stability” while pursuing sustainable development.

Quality Policy

We provide goods and services that meet the highest demands of our customers to produce sustainable development together.


The Kalin Enterprise Co., Ltd. Is committed to maintaining the high quality of the original products, building a partnership based on integrity and mutual benefit, and providing sincere and customer-oriented services.

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